My love of portraiture comes from a lifelong fascination with people and the still 'caught' image of a moment in time. My aim with every portrait is to capture the character and essence of the person or pet. I choose the medium based on the image, so if I feel it's a delicate and fine image I'll choose pencils to bring this quality out and if I want to express colour and texture in say a pet I might involve pastels or charcoal. 

Step 1

Every commission will be carefully discussed and agreed with the client beforehand. Once your inquiry is placed we can talk on the phone or online about how you'd like your portrait to appear in terms of size, background etc. 

Step 2

I work with digital images so Step 2 is to find or take some images with a digital camera, preferably not a phone, in order to capture as much detail as possible for a lifelike rendering. These can then be emailed direct to me . The photographs need to be taken in natural light and if you don't already have images you want to use it's worth thinking about how you'd like to see your subject. They can be looking into the camera or gazing away, looking down or turned away and looking back over their shoulder. Lots of possibilities. You can then send me a number of images to choose from as this also helps me to build up an idea of the subject.

Step 3

Once the portrait is underway I'll let you see it before sending to you so that you can make any changes or additions and to make sure you're completely happy with it.


Dependant on size and detail, i.e. whether there is background included.


  • For an individual subject in pencil or charcoal, between £100 - £1802 subjects or more £140 - £220

  • Oil portraits £200-£350, again dependant on whether its an individual or a family group.